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offshore wind turbine product manufacturers

Goldwind invests in scientific research to develop our product lines and improve their performance. We strive to meet a wide range of diverse needs by leveraging state-of-the-art energy technologies and expertise to power your projects.

Elegance + performance. It’s how Goldwind is shaping the new standard in wind technology with advanced permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) turbines. Our specialised German-engineered PMDD wind turbines are built with the elegant simplicity to deliver powerful energy solutions in diverse operating conditions.

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Achieving core power

Higher Efficiency

Wider speed range and direct-drive blades improve efficiency by 5% compared with traditional generators.

Greater Efficiency

Higher Reliability

Fewer turbine parts help reduce system errors and provide a device utilization rate greater than 98%.

Greater Reliability

Lower Maintenance Cost

The elimination of a gearbox system greatly reduces downtime and long-term O&M costs.

Cost Reduction

Grid-friendly Connection

Zero power-grid impact and exceptional high/low-voltage ride-through capabilities provide comprehensive power flexibility.

Power-Grid Impact
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