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Wind Turbine Platform



Turbine Structure

  1. Blade
  2. Hub
  3. Pitch control system
  4. Generator stator
  5. Generator rotor
  6. Generator cooling system
  7. Wind measurement system
  8. Yaw system
  9. Base
  10. Nacelle
  11. Auxiliary hoist

Product Brochure GW136 4S

Product Brochure GW155 4.5MW

Turbine Features

Smart Features

  • Smart Sensing: Strategic sensors monitor key components, enabling predictive diagnostics and precision control
  • Smart Control: Goldwind’s big data analysis of 10,000+ installed direct-drive turbines and more than 20 years of wind energy expertise, have resulted in the most advanced algorithms
  • Smart O&M: Platform includes a QR code data management system which is customisable to customer requirements for efficient logistics.

Highly Adaptable

  • Grid: Excellent zero, low and high voltage ride-through capability, and compliant with associated global standards
  • Maintenance: Dual circuit design of generator and convertor enables partial operation when one circuit is compromised
  • Environment: Flexible operation modes enables adaptation to extreme environmental conditions such as high and low temperature, noise constraints and challenging wind conditions.
  • Construction: Individual blade assembly to conserve site space constraints

High Reliability

  • The gearless drivetrain design eliminates the possibility of gear failure during the operational life of the turbine.
  • Maintenance-free design of the toothed belt pitch drive system simplifies pitch system maintenance requirements
  • PMSG does not require high maintenance slip rings for conducting power
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