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Wind Turbine Platform

GW 3.0MW(S)


Turbine Structure

  1. Blade
  2. Hub
  3. Pitch control system
  4. Generator stator
  5. Generator rotor
  6. Generator cooling system
  7. Wind measurement system
  8. Yaw system
  9. Base
  10. Nacelle
  11. Auxiliary hoist

Product Brochure

Turbine Features

Smart Features

  • Smart Sensing: Key components are monitored by multiple strategic sensors that enable predictive diagnostics and precision control.
  • Smart transmission: Significantly improves data transmission efficiency and convenience for the new 3MW model, while supporting remote data collection and transmission.
  • Smart control: Flexible power control and automatic turbine output adjustment to ensure maximum output across the entire wind farm.

Highly Adaptable

  • Maintenance: Dual-circuit control ensures half-power operation in the case of a single circuit fault, increasing MTBF.
  • Environment: Offers flexible power control.
  • Construction: Meets the special transportation and hoisting needs of certain areas and projects, supports single-blade hoisting and reduces land occupancy.

High Reliability

  • Gearbox-free design
  • The PMDD generator prevents damage to the bearings from misalignment
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